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  1. Keep that one 50atk we'll be maul bros.
  2. Managed to get a year refund, pm me on forums.
  3. Wikileaks just suggested Seth Rich was murdered for DNCleak emails. So far Wikileaks has a flawless record on being correct...

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    2. John


      This status update surprises me for more than one reason.

    3. Ogrelord


      Yes I have lost my virginity

  4. Was going to work out... just fucking kidding car battery is dead plz kill me.

  5. Reports of Teamviewer being hacked - Careful if you use it, I would uninstall temporarily.

    1. Tyrone


      nah need it to get on forums/irc from work no way

  6. Couck changed passwords - message me on TS if you need (or Couck when he's on)

  7. Insane is currently hosting our forums. He's an extremely intelligent dude and has helped us multiple times when we needed it.

  8. Hey look at that we set a new most online record

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