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  1. Pure Pk Commentary Video

    @Jared warlord?
  2. Selling (4) 3 month Xbox Live codes 20usd/ea

    I lurk ever now and then
  3. Managed to get a year refund, pm me on forums.
  4. So this is why I stopped getting 10 emails a day to buy them.
  5. 10 YEARS

    Since forums were down... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATALITY! It was great to see all of the old and new faces! Shout-out to the 100+ pure elites who reminded everyone of our strength. Fatality pride mates!
  6. Someone link me.

    The logo is the punisher skull. Google search that and add the word transparent.
  7. Get Well Soon Josh, We're here for you!

    Josh is no longer with us guys. I was with him in his final hour. He looked me in the eyes, barely able to speak and said "Be there for our anniversary. I don't think I can make it... Tell everyone I'm proud. I've always been proud of them." With that he shut his eyes and was gone from this world. Be there for Josh. #RememberJosh
  8. When did you register to fatality?

    Giving away #1 registered user. Bidding starts at 5mil.
  9. Been like 8 months

    @@Jared readying up for warlord
  10. So who do you think will win?

    That's not a fight