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  1. Lumpykins

    gay ass

    Couldn't imagine wasting that much time
  2. Lumpykins

    What started it all for most of us.

    so you miss 2014?
  3. Lumpykins

    iron btw

  4. Lumpykins

    Pure Pking with Commentary

    eww its alive
  5. Lumpykins

    why 20-30def is good for all

    low tier as fuck
  6. Lumpykins

    lol at retard level 70s who cant train

    some people don't have days to waste training though
  7. Lumpykins

    Post your #wcw

    thats vile
  8. Lumpykins

    Soooo this accidentally happened today.

    i hate it when that happens
  9. Lumpykins

    Fresh Fiips- Profit Coming in Hot

    I used to flip a lot but now i cba as i login for like 10 minutes a day
  10. Lumpykins

    Intro v2

    i hear you like kids
  11. Lumpykins


  12. Lumpykins

    Lee is a cunt

  13. Lumpykins


    Seems loyal
  14. Lumpykins

    can we get shout box?

    Status/discord though
  15. Lumpykins

    Intense Redemption .. oh no!!

    Oh noez they flamed us