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  1. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    @Kenny Kenny - There aren't many that can say they are the Leader of a Pure clan, let alone a Leader of Fatality, a legacy clan. You have earned your stripes and the respect of the members of this clan past and present. You are a crucial beam in the structure of Fatality, you are supporting it and helping it grow. You have the right mindset and approach required to be a successful leader. Learn to serve and you cannot go wrong! I and the Rank team are looking forward to working with you and see you grow in your new role! Congratulations! I quit ciao
  2. Funny Discord Quotes.

    sick picture that mate
  3. PX closed

  4. Massive

  5. ~ New Era

    This was an executive decision by our one and only warlord
  6. ~ New Era

    He’s 100% serious too
  7. 1-30 defence - Vote

    cya in hell boys
  8. Pking on the Pure is my Favorite

    People from nj have big noses
  9. Aight Bet

    Hello there 🏳️‍🌈
  10. Aight Bet

    Shut up
  11. *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***

    honestly the best topic I've seen in a long fucking time.
  12. End of Conor?

  13. Why We all hate 101 Sins (ft. John and Ninos)

    you post some of the dumbest shit
  14. Luck or bad luck?

    you can only be salty if you get pots...