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  1. Ecstacy

    yo wadup fatalians

    I feel dumb af I had to google what o7 means and now I see the saluteness you've come as far as the stars my friend I'm glad to see you're still enjoying the game and playing a key role for an OG clan like fi. hope life is treating you well outside of RS too
  2. Ecstacy

    yo wadup fatalians

    hey babe glad you're still around, was good to catch up a bit the other day
  3. Ecstacy

    yo wadup fatalians

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi to the old friends I still got around here. I've been off of RS for about a year now but may or may not be coming back soon when a certain clan I call home does or does not open in the near future. Hope you're all doing well and the green machine is still rolling strong. Frankly I have minimal idea what's going on with the pure scene nowadays but from what I hear you guys have been killing the fuck out of a clan that's been bringing shame to another legendary clans cape, so thank you for that. Big thank you for babysitting @Nate for me I hope he's been well-behaved
  4. Ecstacy

    Sorry Excuse for cp

    lmao thats my nigga right there
  5. Ecstacy

    Looking for a place where I get accepted

    yo I remember you from HF in like 09-10, my tanks name was Sirthegaz. wasn't there long tho before focusing on my pure and joining TLP
  6. Ecstacy

    Going years back

    no one could hang with us in p2p back then. foe was the only one able to get close
  7. Ecstacy

    Daily osrs question #9

    biggest thing I've been smited for is a whip, though I lost multiple max-mage sets back in my mainbridding days... always at least kept the +1 on those deaths tho biggest thing I've smited is an ags
  8. Ecstacy

    1Password - Keep Your Passwords Safe

    I use KeePass and like it a lot, does pretty much the same thing. heard LastPass is good too
  9. Ecstacy


  10. Ecstacy

    Kellen's Intro

    good to hear from you dude it's been a while
  11. Ecstacy


    hey there
  12. Ecstacy


    o hey
  13. Ecstacy

    Hey guys

    holy fuck @Weno long time my friend
  14. Ecstacy

    What's up Fatality!

    what it do