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  1. Ecstacy

    Going years back

    no one could hang with us in p2p back then. foe was the only one able to get close
  2. Ecstacy

    Daily osrs question #9

    biggest thing I've been smited for is a whip, though I lost multiple max-mage sets back in my mainbridding days... always at least kept the +1 on those deaths tho biggest thing I've smited is an ags
  3. Ecstacy

    1Password - Keep Your Passwords Safe

    I use KeePass and like it a lot, does pretty much the same thing. heard LastPass is good too
  4. Ecstacy


  5. Ecstacy

    Kellen's Intro

    good to hear from you dude it's been a while
  6. Ecstacy


    hey there
  7. Ecstacy


    o hey
  8. Ecstacy

    Hey guys

    holy fuck @Weno long time my friend
  9. Ecstacy

    What's up Fatality!

    what it do
  10. Ecstacy

    I did a thing

    I respect this heavily
  11. Ecstacy


  12. Ecstacy

    Piety (soon)

    I got one of those lets pk sometime fgt
  13. Ecstacy

    Halloween's Introduction ^_^

    hey ripdivine
  14. Ecstacy

    Bron to LA

    my erection hasn't gone down since hearing the news