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  1. Smokin_Duck

    #Fatality Irl meet up #3

    Lmao those comments got me laughing =D
  2. Smokin_Duck

    feel like i been here before

    Welcome man our homeworld is World 369 so come and hop on and meet some green hats =D
  3. Smokin_Duck


    I have 6 minecraft accs i could lend you one perhaps for 07 moneyz =D Just a few 100K's ^^
  4. Smokin_Duck

    Fatality: The Kings of P2P

    Was most intense and awesome fight i was in ever in Runescape =D
  5. Smokin_Duck

    Fi sunday the vid

    Omg this fight was epic Most epic in 07 history right now i believe =D
  6. Smokin_Duck


    We are kings of p2p We own that =D
  7. Smokin_Duck


    3 Def lmao
  8. Smokin_Duck


    Well i got nothing of the dorp party and i lost about 15 return sets lmao =D Was amazing fight really much fun thank you guys
  9. Smokin_Duck

    Fi vs The World

    Trip was good => Hope to see a good trip tomorrow aswell
  10. Smokin_Duck

    Hi m8s I made some banners

    Bottom one is clean =D good job
  11. Smokin_Duck

    justin singing

    Mmmm , interesting =D
  12. Euh i don't get it what does TLP do in our T.S =D
  13. Smokin_Duck

    Fatality Dark

    This is a good one for tyrone i'l stick with whatever is common
  14. Smokin_Duck

    Minding My Own Business..

    damn lucky =D
  15. Smokin_Duck


    selling guam seed my world =D