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  1. Sly Waffle

    Iron Thing 800 Total lvl

    Thanks for all the positive feedback boys! Really making me want to keep the grind up #positivity
  2. Sly Waffle

    Iron Thing: Good Pet Owner!!!!!

    u can do this????
  3. Successfully kept virtual kitten alive for 3 hours. gz me
  4. Sly Waffle

    monkeys hate him

    gf dumb apes
  5. Sly Waffle


    big lumberjack level.
  6. Varrock Sewer only pure...i'm intrigued. Would be a fun project until lvl 40.
  7. Sly Waffle


    big gratty
  8. Sly Waffle

    The day i showed Mod Jed how to tank

    yea didn't watch
  9. Sly Waffle

    Pure Pking with Commentary

    can't remember asking u to post a video of a screaming idiot on our forums.
  10. Sly Waffle

    New Account Goals

    ur pure is 88 hp
  11. dumb idiots below me

    1. V1ce


      yo fuck you @Sly Waffle i see what you did there