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  1. Sly Waffle

    Roman's Services Thread (Fcapes/Questing/NMZ)

    Roman has completed several fire capes for me, and done countless quests. Trusted and Vouched
  2. bandos be putting out this weekend.
  3. Sly Waffle

    More Small Iron Gains

    Big Fisherlady Now. Shouts to @goth for the quick n easy trawling services Minnow Time. See y'all in a year.
  4. Sly Waffle

    Lord of the rings

    this makes me so fucking horny
  5. Sly Waffle

    Buying/Selling OSRS Accounts! [WATCH OUT]

    empty callout with no name. You should pm a rank the name of this individual. Otherwise not sure what exactly this topic is for. Everyone knows the risks involved with buying an account.
  6. Sly Waffle

    Abyssal Corp

    can't remember asking.
  7. Sly Waffle


  8. Sly Waffle

    Let the rag begin..

    mans being kyp'd by a 4nr
  9. Sly Waffle

    Let the rag begin..

    congrats kenny.. wish my acc was as good as yours 😕
  10. Sly Waffle

    small gainz on the iron

    "small gains" he said.
  11. Sly Waffle

    Fatality Vs DC+Mains

  12. 4 rounds, 8 scim specs. Take notes fellas, that shit wins rounds.
  13. Sly Waffle

    Small Iron Thing

    Thieving next
  14. Sly Waffle

    adventurer log day 4