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  1. Just wait for me boys..

    Where tf is this mans clan friend. @Doi were you active for 3 years mate? If so, you gotta make that elder application fam!
  2. Brian Sly Waffle and the 420m day

    not recommended.
  3. This 40m win was ez for Sly Waffle

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? GOING TOWARDS ANNIVERSARY DROP PARTY ANYWAY FFS
  4. Today I made 420m in some pretty unique ways. Firstly, this morning I was doing a greater demons slayer task, and I heard that @Fi in and @Prince Phmd were going to the arena with 100m each. I know Ben's luck at the arena, they were staking on his account, and I decided to jump in with 100m of my own. We went in with 300, we went down to 150, we doubled to 300, doubled to 600, doubled to 1.2b, and each walked with a 400m stack (300m profit, though those other guys made some bank before I got there, walking with an extra 50m each). Ben has a scuffed video of the 600m stake but it's not worth the time to find. Move on the the eziest 40m of my life that I made off of @Elve and @Stigi topic to be found below. Total Profit: 340m Next we will move onto my own rng portion of this topic. I don't call drops very often, and in probably 150-200 superiors that i've fought i've called an imbued heart maybe 3 times. Well tonight, with fib as my witness, I called it and moments later it came to pass. But it didn't stop there. Fib told me to chuck the heart. With my eyes set on 400m profit in a day, I set out for the sand casino with 20m (imbued heart) in my inventory. Chucked that shit once...380m...chucked that shit twice 420m profit btw NIGHT NIGHT NIGGAS BTW back 2 slayer boys 230 abby demons left. another heart on the next superior? @stally
  5. Invite back to fatality cord pls

    click top of banner @Champloos #bringthegoatback
  6. Iv'e Made it boys

    good shit fam. damn near 1.4b bank tbh
  7. Eziest 40m of my life. Never bet against a Boston sports team at home in a game 7 boys. You're gonna have a bad time. I'll expect both of you to be on so I can collect my 40m and gloat btw @Stigi @Elve
  8. 90 White Power

    damn bro 20 seconds to update lmfao
  9. EZ 21m

    ez money btw. grats buddy. Ancest Bottom was my first drop too. Still have it on my main.
  10. Wednesday - 4 Hour Loot Trip.

    HELL YEA big mans pk trip. good shit boys.
  11. Who does this quest back to back days lmfao.
  12. The resemblance

    somehow I feel like ur flaming me....
  13. ninos caught me and kenny fighting

    God damn i'm actually fuckin dyin rn. you 2 are my boys for life. "eyyy yall are mates...fuck off"
  14. 2/3 of reqs

    eyyyy big mans gettin there
  15. things with @Davey got a little out out of hand IDK WHY THE TAG IMAGE IS SO FUCKED UP BUT THE ABOVE VIDEO SHOULD HAVE THIS IMAGE