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  1. Just 1 edit here: Danny/0wnt by rng was HC or Leader in DP, and had called several fights up to, I believe, the 40v40 range. I don't know that he had experience in these large scale fights, and Mark De4th who piped up at one point was a caller at a time, but both supremely out of practice and attending the event with no expectation to be calling.
  2. Watching @Chris and @John log in and out over and over again in the pm during this fight still hurts my fucking heart to this day. At 0:30, Addy Daddy logs out for the first time. He shortly logs back in, and not a moment later, I Pk With OJ logged out and back in. I pinpoint these two people because they were the ranks that the vidder had added. If you can ignore whichever idiot is spamming his pm, you will notice that Addy Daddy and I Pk With OJ log in and out multiple times. For 4 minutes straight. This was a Jagex sanctioned war that randomly matched up EOP and Fi in the first round at the height of our bad blood pre eoc. EOP ddos'd 8 callers, and every rank they could find IP's for. This is far and away the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in pure clanning.
  3. Was in Animosity, small LPC from 08-09. I was in a few Obby clans from 09-2010 but that scene was a nightmare. I think I spent the most time ROP (Reborn Obsidian Pures) of the few. Joined Fi in 2011. Almost left to take a rank in Hz in 2012, but never joined and came back to Fi. Been here ever since.
  4. Look man, I'm not sure what went down. I know that people have left this clan under the worst of circumstances and been welcomed back. I know people who have left under uncertain circumstances that I didn't think were too bad and not be welcomed back. The most important thing from my experience is that your actions will speak a lot louder than your words. You'll be accepted over time, I'm sure, but to address @Schweden's concerns, we won't really know until Fatality starts to falter, potentially months/years from now. You're saying all the right things. I'd love to trust it. Looking forward to you slapping a t37 cape on your back this coming weekend tho.
  5. YOOOO @Charles just went fucking IN. That's my founder.
  6. Zenith thought they were safe outside the wilderness. @Couck giving them the MF treatment.
  7. welcome my man. happy to have you
  8. @John @Chris @Jax @Kenny @Blissful @0bbyx That clan is going really really far. I was always fascinated with Adhi's longevity in Foe and I fell pretty enamored with @Ease calling in some vids a couple years ago. Don't know if I would like to work with Adhi as I don't really know him, but I would be fascinated to watch with an eagle eye view how he runs a clan. Almost had my shot to work with the boy Jamz too but the timing didn't quite fit. Morris from NPO was an awesome dude as well and has hid head on really straight. Would be a fun dude to work with. Also @Davey but he sucks 🤷‍♀️
  9. can't remember asking to be highlighted in an irrelevant topic @Schweden
  10. 22 seasons strong. Looking forward to 25!
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