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  1. Welcome to the forums brother.
  2. Well that certainly escalates the process doesn't it.. Lol.
  3. Clanning is definitely a way to get those old juices flowing. Welcome.
  4. Chris


    Welcome back to the forums man.
  5. Had some good mates in Fi from Norway. Welcome dude.
  6. This guy told me to get on TB and then never shared when I TBed.
  7. Chris


    Welcome to the clan and gratz on 85 magic by the time you see this.
  8. Chris

    Mobrainz intro

    Welcome to the forums.
  9. Welcome to the clan dude, I'll be there to smash some level 60s with you fam.
  10. Welcome man, dig the classic rs name lol. Bit funny your maxing mage last though?
  11. Nice you can join me in the baby pure crew.
  12. You don't just post the raw imgur link
  13. Can you learn how to post pictures please
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