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  2. Cody

    u guys like my avatar

    i think it cute :3
  3. Cody

    u guys like my avatar

    it's not a person, it's a thing. so it doesn't have a race, it just is
  4. Cody

    u guys like my avatar

    it reminds me of u @@Couck
  5. Cody

    u guys like my avatar

    i've been told it looks likie a native american on a broomstick @@K2P
  6. Cody

    bdng introduction

    Welcome to the fam
  7. Cody

    Gang shit lil dad

    Sup homie
  8. Alisonquinn has the best stream of twitch

  9. @Tyrone puts cream and sugar in his tea

    1. Str Lv

      Str Lv

      Honey over sugar

    2. Tyrone



    3. Str Lv

      Str Lv

      ^ we elegant out here like silk bedsheets, better recognise cody

  10. @Tyrone sleeps with a nightlight

  11. @Tyrone eats his cereal with tap water

  12. @Couck the type of nigga that pop a boner if he catch you lookin at his feet

  13. Cody

    What happens when Cody loses in risk

    Hahaha @@Bday you ugly as hell
  14. Cody

    Anniversary GFX

    Wow, thank you
  15. Cody

    how many days?

    Don't need them.
  16. Cody

    Anime Boards?

    Makes no sense, you don't even have to go to the forum section.
  17. Cody

    Anime Boards?

    It's a good idea. When I brought it up in rank chan people were butt hurt and claimed it wouldn't add anything. But I'd love to have one.
  18. Dude this is so sad hahaha
  19. Cody

    EOP "leaks" irc logs

    Dude, that's jokes