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  1. Str Lv

    Give me views pls ty

    TF u going ham, i can honestly say i enjoyed this alot. Nice shots and good editing + music. Well done dude!
  2. Str Lv


    Yeah no, im predicting this whole lpc thing will go full circle so i think im good. X)
  3. Str Lv


  4. Str Lv


    That acc has had the name Wtfs since like 2010 lol prob unactive account now tho, idk.
  5. Str Lv


    Funny story i had the account with the name "Wtfs" and i can recover it if i choose too. Also welcome!
  6. Str Lv

    Str Lv | Pk Video 18 | Ignite

    Som heimertn te farsjan si
  7. Str Lv

    Str Lv | Pk Video 18 | Ignite

    I love you kevo <3
  8. Str Lv

    New rsn

    Congratulations! Rarename gang is getting strong rn
  9. Str Lv


  10. Str Lv

    21 21 21

    Skillsquad is so strong, that account is looking good now sunday. goodjob fam
  11. Str Lv

    Anvil Smasher