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  1. Holy shit

    Just here to visit the forums to look how you guys are all doing. And then I see that you guys just had an amazing full-out and 86=0'd FOE + (idkandidclmfao) Just wanted to say congrats and great fucking job, it makes me really happy that you guys are still doing well. Also I might attend some trips the next comming weeks cuz vacation n shit.
  2. heya

    Hi, welcome back. Not sure what happened in the past between you and @Kevo but if you can sort things out with him I don't see a reason why you can't come back.
  3. Blast from the past

  4. Post car pics and mods

    I own a 2012 BMW 335i f30 atm cuz #dikkeBMWunit @Hilda Don't have a lot of pics/vids atm sadly. As for mods I'm looking into buying an akrapovic exhaust, also I want the M performace package and maybe different wheels so nothing to crazy!
  5. The only clan to ever beat foe in a p2p fullout

    Yay I was there Good memories!
  6. Lmfao eop ur making me laugh

    Yes I agree, Feyenoord is the best lullies.
  7. Thought it was on regular old times lmfao. I'll be on time tomorrow
  8. We not staking this btw (100m drop)

    Nice nice boys!! Oja @Couck Feyenoord is kampioen
  9. Member Promotions!

    Grats on Elder @Hardc0r3 y0u the Elite curse has been lifted lmfa0
  10. Good shit boys! Could not be there today cuz it was my brother's birthday but I'll be there tomorrow!
  11. 8 hours later

    1 def master race
  12. Good shit today boys, I'll try to be there next week!
  13. Fatality F2P Saturday.

    ayyy good job boys, see you all tomorrow!