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  1. Could not make it today But it looks like Siege got slapped again.
  2. Tanqe

    Can I complain now pls?

    dikke bmw
  3. ....lets get this over with.
  4. Tanqe

    p rick introduction

    Welcome to the forums!
  5. Tanqe

    Fxcuz Intro

  6. Tanqe


  7. Vid comming soon! It's been a while. :)

  8. Goodshit today boys, lets keep this up!

  9. Gj at the prep today guys, I'll try my best to attend some more events aswell. :) 

  10. Tanqe

    Holy shit

    Just here to visit the forums to look how you guys are all doing. And then I see that you guys just had an amazing full-out and 86=0'd FOE + (idkandidclmfao) Just wanted to say congrats and great fucking job, it makes me really happy that you guys are still doing well. Also I might attend some trips the next comming weeks cuz vacation n shit.
  11. Tanqe


    Hi, welcome back. Not sure what happened in the past between you and @Kevo but if you can sort things out with him I don't see a reason why you can't come back.
  12. Tanqe

    Blast from the past

  13. Tanqe

    Post car pics and mods

    I own a 2012 BMW 335i f30 atm cuz #dikkeBMWunit @Hilda Don't have a lot of pics/vids atm sadly. As for mods I'm looking into buying an akrapovic exhaust, also I want the M performace package and maybe different wheels so nothing to crazy!