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  1. Holy shit

    Just here to visit the forums to look how you guys are all doing. And then I see that you guys just had an amazing full-out and 86=0'd FOE + (idkandidclmfao) Just wanted to say congrats and great fucking job, it makes me really happy that you guys are still doing well. Also I might attend some trips the next comming weeks cuz vacation n shit.
  2. heya

    Hi, welcome back. Not sure what happened in the past between you and @Kevo but if you can sort things out with him I don't see a reason why you can't come back.
  3. Blast from the past

  4. Post car pics and mods

    I own a 2012 BMW 335i f30 atm cuz #dikkeBMWunit @Hilda Don't have a lot of pics/vids atm sadly. As for mods I'm looking into buying an akrapovic exhaust, also I want the M performace package and maybe different wheels so nothing to crazy!
  5. Yay I was there Good memories!
  6. Lmfao eop ur making me laugh

    Yes I agree, Feyenoord is the best lullies.
  7. Thought it was on regular old times lmfao. I'll be on time tomorrow
  8. Nice nice boys!! Oja @Couck Feyenoord is kampioen
  9. Member Promotions!

    Grats on Elder @Hardc0r3 y0u the Elite curse has been lifted lmfa0
  10. Good shit boys! Could not be there today cuz it was my brother's birthday but I'll be there tomorrow!
  11. 8 hours later

    1 def master race
  12. Good shit today boys, I'll try to be there next week!
  13. Fatality F2P Saturday.

    ayyy good job boys, see you all tomorrow!