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  1. Pet #3

    lucky boiiii
  2. PSA

    i'm on it!
  3. lol fking lucky xD and here I am with 0 skill pets
  4. 1/32k

    Dayum, I haven't gotten one yet
  5. I'm at 1k kc and stopped because it's cancer
  6. Swerveeee.

  7. Congratszx ! took me like 5k+ kc :S
  8. A Forgettable Tale....

    ...of a drunken dwarf
  9. 2 def cerb guide

    Very lucky on hellpuppy (wish i had that kinda luck) at the beginning u can avoid damage by flicking prayer from mage --> range --> melee, because it is always its first attacks
  10. Max heart level!

    Well done sir
  11. Smoking B)

    yay got another pet (after kraken pet took 5300ish kc) at 5K+ kc