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  1. SZX

    Daily Osrs Question #6

    13def because it's the best
  2. SZX

    Did you ever think about the fact...

  3. SZX

    99 mage finally

    Cool, Goodjob mate!
  4. SZX

    my rng

    Very nice took me like 4k to get jar.
  5. SZX

    [HCIM] Survived the toad

  6. SZX

    Whats your Irl situation

    Missing living on the street option
  7. SZX

    Pet #6

    Gratszx, damn lucky 😛
  8. SZX


    Better than thirteen
  9. SZX


  10. SZX

    Peng needs help

    I did blue and green d hide bodies, need multiple accs because of the buy limit! it costs nothing or even profit
  11. looks like the mummy outfit from master clues
  12. SZX

    Ass Wipe

    #SuperiorStander I use toilet paper obv because you may not throw baby wipes into the toilet.
  13. SZX

    Think this is rare

    It's 1/5k i got an earrth warrior scroll yday
  14. Yay got a new pet after more than a year @ 92 fishing
  15. Grats! Con cape for ultimate access to max house??