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  1. Runecrafting

  2. Peng needs help

    I did blue and green d hide bodies, need multiple accs because of the buy limit! it costs nothing or even profit
  3. looks like the mummy outfit from master clues
  4. Ass Wipe

    #SuperiorStander I use toilet paper obv because you may not throw baby wipes into the toilet.
  5. Think this is rare

    It's 1/5k i got an earrth warrior scroll yday
  6. Yay got a new pet after more than a year @ 92 fishing
  7. Grats! Con cape for ultimate access to max house??
  8. Is Kenny from Israel?

    Is voting where kenny lives, going to change where he lives? [] yes [x] no
  9. Pet #5 (Main)

    You got some insane luck dude
  10. 99 HP

    nice big heart unit now
  11. 4 left...

    saved aids skills for last ?
  12. Main Pet

    dam nice, gz on squirrel
  13. Pet #3

    lucky boiiii
  14. PSA

    i'm on it!