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  1. gabe111


    ez money
  2. gabe111

    Why Meek Mill can never get a 1up on Drake

    ur such a thug man, a black british man? id stay the fuck out of your way! jk thats like alexi threatening to kill me.... not worried at all if i saw you in a white neighborhood i wouldnt even call the cops cuz ur not intimidating at all... but id still shoot you simply cuz ur black
  3. gabe111

    Gabe 4 Honored?

    @@Rigo we were much happier when we thought you were dead in mexico. the only thing you did for this clan was move people to the afk chan every god damn second.
  4. gabe111

    couckes girlfriend

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1i0w1hawGo&index=23&list=RDOmZJeglZSIg @@2 Ridiculous @ @@Koso @@Couck cant wait to be active this summer!
  5. gabe111

    Ridiculous's GP Store - 2.3/M

  6. gabe111

    leaving topic

  7. gabe111


    kid in order to become a dream chase you must lose 100m+ to become a proud member rank. to become an elite you must lose a minimum of 150m. our leaders are @@krZ and @2 ridiculous at a wapping 1b+
  8. gabe111

    Curve tourny update #3

    @@Swelly one of my many accounts got banned, im still in it buddy
  9. gabe111

    Grinds Your Gears

    things that grind my gears...oh god....wilmars list, when whisky always asks me to play curve, koso failing in camps, khi not going to work, charles doing useless shit like working out when he could be curving and swelly taking my channel admin away. jared getting drunk on ts over the weekends, people using kbows in minis, people think that their nranger heros....
  10. gabe111

    What Fatalitys all about

    id slam him 1v1 any day im his daddy
  11. gabe111

    Winter Awards

    @crissy @gabe111 @2ridic #TEAM USA #CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA
  13. gabe111

    1v1 Curve tourney

    count me in
  14. gabe111

    101 curse