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  1. Franco

    Real Crazy Intro

    welcome bro, nice to have someone join who has experience
  2. Franco

    Hello lads, sweden tuning in!

    welcome bro; weird name considering you've never been in mm lol also fuck the scousers
  3. @Juicycarrying with dspear
  4. Franco

    [HCIM] BIG!

    gratz big boy
  5. Franco

    Big ironman

    nice one brudda
  6. Franco


    @Couckclosed ur clan on many occasions
  7. Franco


    ew eop hi tho
  8. Franco


  9. Franco

    New Member! BloodsXCrips

    welcome fam
  10. Franco

    AGS PK! 5 Man Team

    yes grats fi
  11. Franco


    Szimpla kert is the best ruin bar, decent vibe in there & the strip clubs are shit. Make sure to go to the outside bathes also bro really good fun