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  1. Beest

    Oldschool mini

    hallo grote smurf
  2. Beest

    Oldschool mini

    think like 4 years ago, 25 def cap, no clan wars out yet
  3. Beest

    Oldschool mini

    Yooo I found this old ass clip of us miniwarring man, who remembers this shit lol?
  4. Beest

    Ring bling

  5. Beest

    Account #2

    Not sure what im gonna do with the other 94 mage acc lol Also got quest cape back on main sweg
  6. Beest

    99 & pet

  7. Beest

    Maxed Account #439085039

    41 atk start over
  8. cant wait till i have reqs
  9. Beest

    Stocking up on return sets

    i boosted 1k cw tickets before it got nerfed this acc is like 4 years old lol
  10. Need inspiration for a good rsn, if you help me find one I like ill give you a bond. Ez +1s.