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  1. harry the3rd

    HARRYS INTRO!!!!!!

    Hey guys it feels so good to be back connected with Fatality. Im an old Fatality member that joined in with my boy Sulfate and the rest of The Last Pures. Im looking to meet each and every one of you! I am 29 years old and I live in EST on the Georgia/Alabama line. I work in Georgia and live 10 minutes away in Alabama. In 2004 I joined TFC also known as the famous clan. The only way you would have heard of this clan is if you was a really old school clanner. Yellow capes. We were pretty unstoppable and fought Gladz, di, and ds pretty often. Was a top 5 clan easily with massive pulls. in 2005 I joined TVC also known as the viet clan and When collision was born we joined with them. Collision was born in early 2006 and ranked all the way up as rank #4 in runescape. Gained the rank of warlord in collision and was a big caller for the clan. In 2006 I also made a tanker account and joined HF higher forces and was the #1 rune pure clan in the game. I also made a pure and joined TLP the last pures. I was really involved with clanning and loved the Pking community. In 2010 I joined the army and became inactive due to training until osrs started back. I was one of the first 20 players to gain 99 range and the one of the first 15 players to have 99 magic. I joined fatality and we became the strongest pure clan in the game. I deployed with the army and became inactive until returning back to base. I have currently been back in the game for about 18 days now. I started runescape in 2002-2003 and started clanning in 2004. I joined the army in 2010 and served until 2018 January. I am currently a firefighter in my hometown and live my job. I work 24 hour days every third day. I will provide officials with my calendar schedule if needed. Basically I work 24 hours then off 48. I am a father of two children and my wife and I have another baby on the way. Family comes before runescape for me. But I enjoy spending spare time with a good pking community and looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!
  2. harry the3rd


  3. harry the3rd

    buying firecape

    didn't know i would just get criticized for making a topic.
  4. harry the3rd

    buying firecape

    im not so sure if you know how to properly use the word literally. lol.
  5. harry the3rd

    buying firecape

    does anyone do firecapes still? 60 range 65 def 44 prayer 67 hp
  6. harry the3rd

    few quests needed

    hes already over paying with 8m.
  7. how much do you have in stock?
  8. harry the3rd

    [Returning] 100 Spec

  9. harry the3rd

    Fatality Chases FOE Out Of The Wild

    yo what happened to higherforce, i use to be in hf back in the day...like when it started....they should have came to oldschool but once eoc came out maybe even before they called it quits.
  10. harry the3rd

    R.I.P Paul Walker

    dang thats crazy rip
  11. harry the3rd

    hey boyz! hope all been well!

    thanks boyz.
  12. harry the3rd

    hey boyz! hope all been well!

    after freezing my balls off laying in the snow in germany, im finally back! i made sure to spend around $8 every saturday to get updates on fatality! glad to know that you guys are still kickin ass! Hope all you guys and gals have been doing good and i want to personally wish you all a happy thanks giving!
  13. harry the3rd

    im back boyz!

    thanks all of you, now lets get our heads in the game and get ready for foe
  14. harry the3rd

    im back boyz!

    Hey guys, after cruz going onto my account getting 21 def losing 3 whips losing fire cape losing multiple idems, after a vacation with my family in london and after having my 24th birthday im proud to say that im finally back to fatality! ive missed you guys and thought about alot of you and im happy to say im back, looking forward to hanging out with some of you guys and seeing most of you in game at events!