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  1. hey man, clarkeh is new to us as well, awesome that he got you to come along with him, put in that application man!
  2. Harry the3rd


    Hey man does Danny like dragons?
  3. Harry the3rd


    welcome to fatality bro
  4. 2003- TFC (the famous clan) 2004- TVC the Viet clan 2006- Collision 2013- TLP 2013- FATALITY
  5. whats up man, im glad to see your intro brotha! @Painful Hit
  6. Harry the3rd

    Intro yo

    hello @C J hope your doing well man! drop an app my man
  7. yeah, thats what i was talkin about tiko. the 5 folks he highlighted, hell Vibz wasnt even here a year ago, you wasnt here 2 years ago, and sonic joined last year i think. i was makin a statement, not a debate. Everyone of you has still done a fabulous job and im proud to be a part of the rev pk trips at night, yall have made the clan millions....literally...every member has made millions because we have kryptonite. great job. that is all. happy to be a part of the movement.
  8. 2 years ago none of them was in fatality except for you lol, however. Glad to be a part of the movement.
  9. Harry the3rd


    Good deal man, hope to see your application soon!
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