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  1. Harry the3rd

    Saturday 2 - Big Looties Trip

    was fun
  2. Harry the3rd

    Sunday Night Revs

    was fun
  3. Harry the3rd


    hope to see you someday.....naked
  4. Harry the3rd

    What do you do for work?

    firefighter, Advanced EMT
  5. Harry the3rd

    memorial day....know what its for.

    thanks guys, rest easy.
  6. Harry the3rd

    memorial day....know what its for.

    Well now that Memorial Day is coming to an end let’s remember why we all was able to have this thing we call freedom. Rough Memorial Day for me. Sippin on this whiskey for these fine men that don’t have the opportunity to. While you enjoyed your BBQ today, drank your beers, went and got a 10% discount at your local home improvement store, laughed and had a awesome day with your families just remember why you’re able to do that. These men have made the ultimate sacrifice. People outside of chosen company will never understand the day to day battle some of us go through our daily lives. Some days are harder than others and some days feel like they are never going to come to an end. Today I remember all the laughs we had together. Today I remember all those Coronas we drank even though you hated them Ross. Today I remember the best halloween party I’ll ever attend at Justice’s house. Today I remember when first sergeant Rick Lewis walks in a tent in Germany wondering what the hell spelt so bad and we all laughed and pointed at Ross. Today I remember all those card games we played and lost money to Ross that had no expression at all on his face with a 2 and a 7 in his hand as we folded pocket queens. Marc Ant Tyler Isaacson Gustavo Romero Charles Martinez today I wipe these tears and take this drink for you. You guys are the reason I wake up and continue fighting. You guys are the real American hero’s. God speed men. Chosen few, 2-503 the rock 173rd ABCT
  7. Harry the3rd

    my 2nd anniversary with fi. #ranqe

  8. Harry the3rd

    B0is Introduction

    Welcome to fi, if you have any questions feel free to message me
  9. Harry the3rd

    Yoooo! Ex leader checking in!

    eew muslim
  10. good job fellas
  11. Harry the3rd

    Sand Crab Cave

    Nice dude
  12. Harry the3rd

    Promos Part 2

    Going to events and putting in for the clan officially does nothing.
  13. Harry the3rd

    Massive stack for 25m

    did you kill him?
  14. gz guys, i had to leave earlier for our baby shower