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  1. old chub

    FINALS! Fatality F2P Tournament

    That quote LOL Btw, p2p brid tourney would be fun for the future
  2. old chub

    Jester Introduction

    Welcome to the forums friend
  3. old chub

    yup gz me

    Gzzz. Drop party
  4. old chub

    for the clan

    Hell yeah, gzzz Craig
  5. old chub

    F2p Prep pov

    V nice
  6. old chub

    Positive KDA's Intro

  7. old chub

    Zlerp Intro

    Welcome to the forums friend. Come hang out in ts sometime
  8. @Covetalways gettin those +1s, respect
  9. old chub

    luna uzumaki Intro

    fuuuuuck lol
  10. old chub

    luna uzumaki Intro

    Jef #1 mentor
  11. old chub

    getting big .....str and hp left

    Big agser and gz on anglering 👍
  12. old chub

    60 or 75 attack?

    99 everything + 25 def ty
  13. old chub

    Some Achievements

    Must've been a rough grind. Gj