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  1. By the looks of it Sam is prolly only person that actually gives a shit bout the clan. I've not been to any trips lately so idk how bad/good they're actually doing however trying to work things out with downies ain't easy lmao.
  2. Koso

    Master Farmtality

  3. Koso

    Master Farmtality

    howd it taste? chocolate or vanilla? JSDKHGAKSHGFAHGDFJGBHAFGAFYGA
  4. Koso

    1900 total

    gz my dude
  5. Koso

    1900 total

    you can't do tears of guthix as a pure since it gives xp on the lowest skill you have and in this case it's defence
  6. Koso

    Iron Pure

    Small Achievement on the iron pure, long term i'll prolly aim for 85 crafting
  7. Koso


    gz my dude
  8. Koso

    Grats Elve

    thats it?
  9. Koso

    Farmtality V2

    o shit you animal
  10. Koso

    It's Finally DONE :D

    looks hella clean ngl
  11. Koso


    hot damn every clan you've been in has closed, you better not join 😎
  12. Koso

    Iron update

    1k total in this bitch