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  1. Steezy

    Heidi Introduction

    I wish you never came back
  2. Steezy

    13 years baby

  3. Steezy

    3 M O R E

  4. Steezy

    Yoooo! Ex leader checking in!

    Is this real
  5. why is the ball their using the shape of Stewie's head???????
  6. Steezy

    13 Years? im old

    Elder stronk
  7. Steezy

    13 Years of FATALITY

    Who introduced you to Fatality? In 2008-2009 I watched pk vids and they all just happened to be in Fatality ( xx k4rils, flabbyrange, pingfao, I haagen I). It seemed to be a lot of fun to be part of a community of pures and decided to make my own pure. I met HELLA one day and was officially introduced to Fatality and apped! I recently decided to play again after being away for many years, and seeing how much this clan improved over the last few months makes me very excited to attend another anniversary trip. Ive been to a lot of anniversary trips but the 5th year was the most memorable one for me and I have a feeling this one coming up will be even better. also cant forget Down by 7
  8. Because im steezy
  9. Steezy

    4man 47.5m

    You fucked up posting this loot. You ain't finessing Kenny no more
  10. Lmfa0 retard clan
  11. Steezy

    big pk on lil acc

    big bank lil bank!
  12. Steezy


    lucker dog
  13. Steezy

    Quick F2P Tour

    bank loot
  14. Steezy

    New Pure Grats

    Gz turny