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  1. Supercell Games

    Was curious and interested to see if any yall play supercell's mobile games in particular: Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach.
  2. so much clicking

    you need an auto clicker bruh
  3. Car guys click here

  4. It finally worked

    damn rushed hard
  5. lumberjack pattern

    I see a lot of great work from you guys @ @@Nick. I need couple lessons from yall, your abilities exceed my own
  6. So expensive now...

    well worth it
  7. lumberjack pattern

    Messing around in photoshop
  8. Gnar's GFX Gallery

    thanks mate
  9. damn bruh i see you been working on them brid skills
  10. Gnar's GFX Gallery

    lol yup I was a master farmer myself. I created it to show recognition on our forums for those who achieved the epic achievement and gained the fi skill cape lol
  11. Gnar's GFX Gallery

    I dont support 30 def (mains) just pures lol im jk but I haven't done any work in a couple years and probably would be terribly rusty if i attempted anything
  12. Gnar's GFX Gallery

  13. Gnar's GFX Gallery

    In the process of recovering all the gfx I created for the clan and our members that was lost to imageshack's shitty service. RIP. Here is what I have :x enjoy Personal Gfx: GFX for others: General: Fatality GFX: