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  1. Pure Priime


    Btw i didn't spec Harro for the ones who are asking lmfao.
  2. Pure Priime


  3. Pure Priime

    Fatality vs RD then MM F2p

    Gj lad was fun.
  4. Pure Priime

    Ice Blitz

  5. Pure Priime

    ▇█Red vs Blue█▇.▆ Fullout ▆.

    We have quite a few shit teams with us, nonetheless it will be fun.
  6. Pure Priime

    What the fuck brah

  7. Pure Priime

    Sex with a.....

    Well let's be honest, with that mug she aint gonna get it anywhere else. OT disturbing and dirty.
  8. Pure Priime

    Fi sunday the vid

    That's why im fi!
  9. Pure Priime

    Fatality vs Cluster np

    Was fun when we actually got some action.
  10. Pure Priime

    Another EOP Pounding

    Won with ease.
  11. Pure Priime

    So today we have a new king

    He's probs gonna burn Belgium down. Get rid of him whilst you can.
  12. Pure Priime

    around 25-30m later.

  13. Pure Priime

    Pre EOC

    Dung was sick, that's all i did other than pk.