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  1. Sunday - Destroying EOP

    hey that's me dying
  2. Me today

    Oh god
  3. Couck on a rampage

    Wheres my monkey
  4. Get fucked red retards

    can i have my b ring back?
  5. while mining

    Thats ari from doom lol
  6. lmfao rd is still shit ic.
  7. i agree tlp sucks dick
  8. Took a break

    zeah for dragon warhammer( 60 atk statius warhammer)
  9. we've all done this l000l

    you fucked up nigga.
  10. 3vs7 np lmfao Tlp calling main clans wont help them
  11. #gains

    my nigga
  12. So who do you think will win?

    we won after 21h and 30 mins sike.
  13. SV vs TLP rag war 12 hrs

    We have been going for 16h now lmao
  14. i really couldnt wait

    what happend with your other acc?