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  1. Also how do I change pic to the left? skull is cool but I wanna one of a dingo/hellhound.
  2. So I can hit 15 Replies. BOOM! there it is. Accept my app plz!
  3. I'm posting single sentences.
  4. @Tiko I cant look at other apps yet bro but I think I got it now.
  5. Soon to have some max level pics posted here.
  6. Get that fire cape

  7. @Steve This seems like a great clan with good ranks, but I was just being honest, I have little faith in humanity. Hopefully Fi changes that I guess. @Tiko having trouble getting images to upload.
  8. 1. I want to Fatality for pvp clanning content(obviously) 2.RSN Currently-dingledog, Prior-Sf Dingle, Originally-Dingle. 3.I forgot who recruited me. 4.I don't know anyone and because of my treatment in previous clan I don't care to. 5.The only other pvp clan I have been in was Special Forces. Someone accused me of leaking our location on a revs trip. After weeks of trying to convince control I never have and never would leak I was eventually kicked. Was sad and honestly have no desire to get emotionally invested in another clan but still love to go pking with the boys. 7.time zone is califonria PTZ? idk 8.I accept the rules but I may go inactive at times if I get busy with work. NOT FLAT.
  9. @Swaly What I do with mentor? I'm ready.
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