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  1. w00h

    ATL Intro

    welcome hope to see you round soon
  2. thats the milestone to get after that is all quicker i hear
  3. well that ended rather quick
  4. huge account 😮 holy shit at prayer
  5. w00h


    thats a big boy level cant wait to get there
  6. these seem better than the golden globes
  7. w00h


    what client is this ?
  8. w00h

    w00h intro

    thank you for the welcome . account is there its done i guess i would have to quest it up for the other reqs but stats are done .
  9. w00h

    w00h intro

    working on it
  10. w00h

    w00h intro

    thank you .
  11. w00h

    w00h intro

    hopefully looking forward to it ill make up for it in quick returns lol
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