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  1. Bushcat

    Big boi strength

  2. Bushcat

    Mc Gregor vs Ceronne

    Fr dawg it was free money tho, no chance the oldhead was gonna win
  3. Bushcat

    Mc Gregor vs Ceronne

    PREDICTION THREAD: POST PREDICTIONS: I got Conor by 2nd round knockout if u disagree ur retarded
  4. Bushcat

    My new bank is satisfying

    woot i did it
  5. Bushcat

    My new bank is satisfying

    (an attempt to post gyazos here, they still dont show wtf))) got it
  6. Recuckstance BTFO!! btw: who is falador keith?
  7. Bushcat

    lil goal

    Nice, I know a method to safely autoclick it. LMK if u want it
  8. Bushcat

    Hi I'm Bushcat

    Zeker en vast haha en merci
  9. Bushcat

    Hi I'm Bushcat

    Hey we raided together lol (with gelsey) im the guy that died to guardians haha
  10. Bushcat

    Hi I'm Bushcat

    thx, I joined the discord already
  11. Bushcat

    Hi I'm Bushcat

  12. Bushcat

    Hi I'm Bushcat

    I don't wanna be in the same clan as him and their events are always late for someone from belgium and they always complain to him to get 25 defence and 99 attack etc
  13. Bushcat

    Hi I'm Bushcat

    Well I basically asked him what he would suggest me outside of rage and he said foe and sup are pussies and ly suck, and only fi gives still good fights so that concluded it