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  1. Leaninn


    Welcome to the forums
  2. It's lonely at the top #fi

  3. Leaninn

    1/19 revs pk / big loot made

    Good work lads
  4. Leaninn

    Hello Fam

    Hi there
  5. Now the real journey begins. 😈

  6. Leaninn


    Ah yes
  7. Talk Shit, Get Hit. RS running around like chicken heads cut off, it continues tomorrow for P2p! Be on, my brothers.

  8. Leaninn


    Ah yes welcome friend
  9. P2P Pk Trip | 2PM EST | 7PM GMT

    The Reckoning for Resistance has begun. 

  10. Public apology for yesterday: I should not have left when being sat. I have an ego from being a long time rank and clan wars person and I am sorry I left. I always take things personally and I’m trying to work on that. If I happen to get sat again I will not leave. I’m sorry I let you all down. Congrats on the win. I love fi

    1. Covet


      @Leaninn as penance you have to wax @Tyendinaga's bald head. We all understand his brain is massive so this might take a day or two, but it is of the utmost importance.

      Tyen needs it crystal clear vision on all angles of his head in order to see where all of the enemies are coming from. 

      I hope you understand, we're glad to have you hear. Report back to me when it's complete.

    2. Single Strip
  11. Leaninn

    range p0lice intro

    Welcome to the forums and fuck the pats
  12. Leaninn


  13. Leaninn

    Hi all!

    Hey there
  14. Fatality #1 f2p. Change my mind.