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  1. Yes, i've got 99 farming haha and i plan on finishing the guide, i'm only taking a break to play some call of duty right now. I figured it'd be a bit easier to follow with a written guide with gif and screenshots than a video. I learnt as I went on my first character as I got 99 farming figuring things out, and this character in the pictures is my new main type of alt I've been making for vorkath. I figured I could do things a bit better this second time around and make a guide using all the knowledge i've picked up around farming however, i will most likely level the farming on this new character only using the gold making methods as that's all i use farming for after having gotten the cape already.
  2. Hello Fatality, This is G L 0 0 M & I've been farming on my pure since they added Zeah to the game. Here is how I would train farm up. On average I can expect 250k-300k At least every 80 minutes. Starting out (Level 1) We're going to be raising our Hosidius favour to 100% The Farming guild requires 60% Favour and level 45 Farming. 100% Favour and 34 Farming get's you into Tithe Farming Minigame Required items + how to obtain for both ironman and regular accounts Hammer For Repairing Ploughs Spade (For ironmen or players not purchasing their Saltpetre) 20-25k coins (to purchase 950 compost from farming shop) 950 Saltpetre 950 Compost (regular) Obtaining Compost The Grand Exchange only allows players to purchase 600 compost per account every 4 hours. To get around this, buy compost packs from a Farming supply Here is a map from the Camelot teleport to Farm Supply shop buy all 10 compost packs (20k GP) for 1k noted Compost. Obtaining Saltpetre Buy 950 Saltpetre on the GE (2gp ea) Go here to dig up Saltpetre with a spade if you're an ironman (from south sand crabs bank chest) Deposit box is in the middle near the salt veins. Gaining Favour (Hosidius) above is the location of the plough fields. You will only need a hammer for this bit. Stand behing the tool plough and push them across the field and repair as needed until you reach 5% Hosidius favour. You can check this by going to your quest list interface, and switching it to the purple compass tab. After reaching 5%, make your way to a bank chest and begin mixing sulphurous fertilizer. Make all 950. Talk to the clerk near the deposit box for saltpetre veins, and she will take all of your sulphurous fertilizer at once for 100% favour. You should be around level 14 farming now. For 14-17 I completed Recipe for Disaster Goblin Generals Sub Quest Level 17-25 Farming The final quest for 1 defence would be Garden of Tranquility, however I'm gonna jump right into farming now. Herb Runs (plus flowers and atollments) Visit one of the tool leprichauns at any farming patch ingame and store your compost of choice with him. I'll be using super compost or ultra compost on Ranarrs/Snapdragons. If you have the item Bottomless Compost Bucket which is obtained by Hespori drop or buy on the Grand Exchange, you may simply store all your compost in the single item bucket. Next, from the GE you will wanna stock up on a couple hundred Watermelons. As you approach your first herb runs, store 15 watermelon in each compost bucket and close the lid to begin rotting your watermelon into Super Compost. The farming guide in-game here tells you what the Flower patch can do for you. Use a scarecrow if growing sweetcorn for profit, Nasturiums if growing watermelons for super compost, limpwurt roots are if you plan on harvesting your flowers for a bit of profit without any added perks & the white lily protects all atollments. For herbs I'd recommend growing the cheap but highest level herbs you can grow until level 38 & toadflax from then on unless you're able to maximize Ranarr/Snapdragon by using Iasor seeds at level 76. For atollments go with Sweetcorn to Watermelons to Snape Grass & no need to ever make a payment to protect them as supercompost should be fine. When I was training farming sweetcorn were still more GP profit than watermelon or Snape Grass, however when training to 99 the exp gained from atollments is pretty significant. TO BE CONTINUED SOON
  3. ye i dont have a main but I run 2 other alts at cannonballs for gp, and do most all my training for gold rather than fastest exp.
  4. young stud smashes hot young hespori on runescape im here with the pack for my woes
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