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  1. Good evening boys, on the path to making this account stronger I took a small step that will make me hit harder to crush our enemies. 65 attack (got a hp and str level tonight too, big gains) This gives me the coveted Leaf Bladed Battleaxe, an absolute chad weapon. With a +4 max hit over the d scim, their knees won't last.
  2. That's awesome man! Big skiller moves
  3. Welcome! Definitely a great place to hone the pking skills with the gang! Wars and trips are really great, but if you want to get some practice in there is pretty much always someone to white portal brid with.
  4. 88 Risen


    Welcome! Hope to see you become part of the family soon!
  5. 88 Risen

    Hi all!

    Welcome bro, the series sounds sick!
  6. That looks like a fun build, good luck bro!
  7. Unfortunately I finished it for the D Scim (mistake yes)
  8. Finished my goal of 94 Magic! As I don't have MM1 Caves I Tele-Stun-Alched for a consistent 190k xp/h, could hit over 200k/h with no misclicks. I will now be getting 90+ Str/Range mostly through slayer and NMZ. I plan to barrage nechs for 99 magic
  9. Damn you making gains, big hitter hours
  10. Welcome to the community man, we did some nice gaming in the Rev caves
  11. ctrlaltdel rs quality lmao "can we keep him!!"
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