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  1. iron rag

    coming to a pure trip near u
  2. Corrupt a Wish.

    granted but now holydreams is fi leader i wish the guy above me would stop replying
  3. Corrupt a Wish.

    granted, but now your forever council of fatality i wish i had a new computer setup
  4. Corrupt a Wish.

    granted but osrs closing in 1 month i wish kkn would stop asking dumb questions during events
  5. Corrupt a Wish.

    i wish kenny would stop doing drugs
  6. Corrupt a Wish.

    quote the person above your post and corrupt his wish, then ask for a wish your self to see who corrupts it.

    gf champ boy
  8. yes

  9. hey whisky ~_^

    who did dis
  10. Drew G

    hello drew from the other side
  11. grats anon

    46 def
  12. 1b win from sparc mac