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  1. feelsbadman for this guy rn

    bonds 4 days
  2. turn on the sound
  3. 2/3 Reqs for slowboy

    looks good 2 me
  4. ill just remove all your ranks, then watch your pc blow up in the morning
  5. Iron Steps

    yes you do... come back season
  6. Pepe Promo

    what u want
  7. I advise

  8. I advise

    damn u got him
  9. Saturday

    holy fuck jaylen brown called scim pushes 2
  10. Over the last several months we have made great strides as a clan. We've gone through some ups and downs but have persevered to come out strong on the other side, and with the new direction that Fatality is headed, and the 12th anniversary of our clan coming up, we wanted to reward all of you hardworking members that make Fatality what it is with some promotions. Understand that to be eligible for these promotions you must already be at least an Advanced Member of Fatality. Keep up the hard work everyone, and without further ado, I present the newly promoted Pure Elites. Elve Fuh My Life Roman Stigi Schweden Eric Blitztick Weffe Scent During this round of promotions we will also be reintroducing the Advisor rank. Advisor's will consist of our most active legends who are contributing to our rank team in a constructive way. Couck Maffiajef Davey John Mitch 0bbyx
  11. first 99 on this account

    99 arthritis
  12. 4k

    11011 pc btw
  13. mage

    you know you can go into a player owned house and change magics in rimming ton