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  2. Will be a certified n ranger now no more d scim slave mage lets fkn go boys!
  3. by typing 75 instead of 95 big man
  4. 75 prayer 75 attack i was 60attack and 60 pray 88 combat and im now at 75 combat next goal is halo and castle wars top to n range for clan wars
  5. looking forward today first time i can get on all week!

  6. sure np i dont mind
  7. your a scumbag, u just claimed that fatality ddosed fucking resistance members when they never did u moron. Fucking neck it no one wants u in here u dumb rat and u think im gonna go to events if your there, your an ip grabber dont want to be seen with u. DUMB RAT AND IT WAS YOUR LAST OPTION BECAUSE NO OTHER CLAN WANTED U
  8. just as fucking bad why do u ip grab someone? keep it in game u fucking retard! and fi didn't ddos anyone here during that rivalry? Elve used to be in here and ross had a hider which got found and them 2 never ever got hit off they were even saying it themselves and u only came on trip on sunday so who the fuck are u to comment on me coming events. Im sorry ill quit my job for rs u fucking moron and u even introd on the FOE site and the members in there new the scumbag u are and said no to u joining. FI was your last option, Most people in here think your a retarded wanker. DONT CARE IF YOU DIDNT ASK DONT COME IN HERE WITH YOUR BS SOB STORY U FUCKING RAT
  9. fuck that, i dont like resistance at all but your there openly admitting to hitting few resistance members off in sharkbrew and ip grabbing them. Like fuck am i welcoming a scumbag like you who does that to people cos of a game, and dont try to sympathise for your self by saying it happened to you, and i typed ur name in on sb and your begging to join FOE LOL
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