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  1. you're not my dad @Leeyou cant tell me what to do!
  2. Sire

    Flame's intro

    welcome friend of covet
  3. https://puu.sh/FLgFT/4afce55066.png
  4. As the owner of the 2nd nicest pure account in all of fatality, I feel like I can speak with confidence on this subject. Owning and playing on a sick account doesnt make me any more or less active than if my account was better or worse. Member activity is really more dependent on the state of affairs of the clan. When the clan is doing well you'll see old elders and ex-fi pop back up again. And when things aren't going so well people lose interest in the clan. It really is as simple as people like winning and don't like losing. once its finished, ill let u use my acc whenever im not on it bb
  5. So there was a conversation in cc yesterday about this topic. It's not the first time it has come up. And with the recent influx of inactive players due to rona szn, it’ll probably not be the last. So I thought I'd make a full post on it where people can be directed to in the future. Personally, I think everything about max 107 cmb, aka a Punisher, is stupid. 99 attack is pointless. You’re adding another 8 or so combat levels for what? Extra accuracy on an opponent with already no defence? As for 99 prayer, it also provides another wasted 5-6 cmb levels for virtually no benefits over 52 prayer. And to anyone who would try to argue that 99 prayer prevents people from getting smited, I would say that the kind of person that gets smited with 52 prayer points is the kind of person that'll still get smited with 99 prayer points. And 25 defence is the most offensive part. It provides basically no benefit over 20def. Congrats, you traded 2+ combat levels for +1 mage bonus on your boots and +2 range on your top. And if we’re on trip you’re probably going to be wearing the same salad robes my 13 def ass is. I would NEVER ruin my account to get any of those ridiculous stats. But with all of that being said, the reality is that that’s what the pure scene is right now. Why would you intentionally handicap yourself by showing up anywhere with less? Would you intentionally show up to a gunfight with a knife? No, because that’s stupid and you’re not trying to die. The fact is, no matter how pointless it seems, 24 levels in attack and 24 levels in defence DO make a difference. If you disagree then you should just go stake your bank on an account with 75 attack and defence. Because that’s clearly no different than 99 attack and defence. Likewise, the extra 47 prayer levels also makes a difference. That’s an extra 47 prayer points you can use on 10%’s or 15%’s to get kills quicker. And those faster kills can be the difference between a win and a loss in a f2p prep. As for anyone who says ‘bUt I tAnK bEtTer oN 1dEf tHaN a sHiTteR wiTH 25!@!’, I have a couple responses. The first being congrats on being an incredible tank at 1 defence. You’re going to be an even better tank with 24 extra defence levels. The next being, that’s great that you are, but not everyone else is. In fact, most people probably aren’t. Basically everyone would benefit from those additional defence levels because again, stats DO matter. Especially in f2p where tanking is a lot simpler. After turning on the best pray and clicking you pizzas properly every game tic, tanking basically just becomes rng. And better stats = better rng So regardless of how dumb max 107 looks and sounds, it is what’s best for not only the clan but you and your clanning experience. Winning is a helluva lot more fun than losing. And doing this will help us win even more often.
  6. Be on for f2p sat.

    Party afterwards.

  7. Sire


    As many of you are aware, I am one of the the sweatiest people in Fatality. This weekend I will be completing my piss bottle collection and ascending to ultimate sweat-hood with the (unoffical) maxing of my account. I would like to cordially invite everyone here to witness my ascension. I will be having my (unofficial) max party after trip this Saturday, 4/4/20. So be on for f2p Saturday as well as my party.
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