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  1. Miasmal

    60 or 75 attack?

    no point in staying 94 mage. max that out
  2. Miasmal

    88 Risen Intro

    welcome welcome
  3. Miasmal

    #TheKitchen #LaCocina

    interesting build. whats the goal?
  4. Miasmal

    Goal for today

    ez. thatll take 2hrs max. you got this.
  5. Miasmal

    Stance on Third Party Clients

    I've done a bunch of reading from a variety of sources and here are a few takeaways: Runelite is working closely with jagex. They helped them with their statement and have consistently complied with jagex's demands to remove certain plugins. There's very little chance that jagex will be banning the massive amounts of people for using runelite before they have runelite devs remove whatever is the offensive plugin. Their bottom line does matter. Each player banned is worth a decent amount (I don't remember the exact number). It's not in their best interest to start banning a large portion of their playerbase for stuff like left click banking or tile markers. Bot/cheat detection may currently suck but jagex has the framework for a far more advanced system already in place (SOURCE: clip of mod jacmob in a sirpugger vid) There might be feasibility issues with implementing that system (A reason why it's not already in game) as well as the aforementioned overlay check. (Are they really going to have a few monkeys manually go through every single players account?) This statement is likely just to appease the people complaining about the lack of specificity of the last statement (which was just a statement to appease the autists ree'ing about clients). All talk with no planned action. The statement is just to provide the latitude to take action in the future if they decide to actually solve the problem at some point. Your account is always at risk of being permanently banned even if you don't cheat. (EVscape getting MANUALLY banned for major macro with no appeal) Finally, I'm no expert and yes, there is always a small chance you will get banned for using anything other than the shitty vanilla client.
  6. Miasmal

    Stance on Third Party Clients

    I posted this in discord, but for anyone who missed it: Disclaimer: I got this from a friend who got it from a pmod. I do not know if it's real or even something that's feasibly implementable.
  7. Miasmal


    already said it, but legit so sick
  8. Miasmal

    Finally 99 magic!

    Gratz man. Acc's lookin nice.
  9. Miasmal

    Pk Trip

  10. Miasmal

    #7 on the pure. Issa good one :)

    big gz on the dinhs! what kc?
  11. Miasmal

    planning on maxxing

    If you're staying 60 att to keep your cmb low than 25def is definitely not worth.
  12. Miasmal

    Clan System: Post your thoughts

    I think itll be cool when we finally get it in 2022.
  13. Miasmal

    Clan Acc0unt (zero) introduction

    welcome welcome