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  1. Selling Gold: 650M in stock .80/m or .75/m if you buy all.
  2. clanning account btw

    You call that a clanning account? this is a clanning account.
  3. wow !

    i have a great starter acc 4 sale if you wana buy @robbyy 50 att 70 str/range/mage
  4. Its been a long long road

    i was here for the the forum hackings dark fking days lol
  5. In response to @krZ topic I am 5 years old haha Since our anni is coming up I thought it would be a dope idea to see how many oldies we have in the clan. Also new kids are welcome to post dates aswell
  6. Trumps Pure Intro

  7. missing runeloader already...

    runelite 4 life cuh
  8. 96

  9. New Clanning Account btw

  10. More Total Gains - Tentacle Whip bw

    lmfao whip owns !!!! hahahahahaha
  11. Monday Night W/ Commentary

    Fixed mode really nigga. I'm surpriced you can even find piles like that.
  12. ~ New Era

    lmfao you wish you worte that
  13. fc done :P

  14. Easy for Rigo

    @0bbyx Easy for me lellies