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  1. Selling OSRS GP 0.75/M.

  2. Rigo


    Hello New and Old Members of Fatality ;] My name is Rigo I'm 26 years old I'm currently living in Mexico with my Family I have been in this clan for about 6 Years I joined way back in 2013 when the Oldschool servers came back Just wanted to reintroduce myself since it has been a while and there are lots of new faces around here Also, our Anniversary is coming up hoping to fight alongside you guys again and to kick some Legacy ass Here are some of the best moments I've had from when I was around. hoping to see you guys share some new ones you have had since joining this clan. Project Fatality 2 Fatality vs Final Ownage Elite 100 vs 100 GDZ Fight Jagex Cup - Fatality vs Final Ownage Elite
  3. Selling Gold: 650M in stock .80/m or .75/m if you buy all.
  4. You call that a clanning account? this is a clanning account.
  5. Rigo

    wow !

    i have a great starter acc 4 sale if you wana buy @robbyy 50 att 70 str/range/mage
  6. i was here for the the forum hackings dark fking days lol
  7. In response to @krZ topic I am 5 years old haha Since our anni is coming up I thought it would be a dope idea to see how many oldies we have in the clan. Also new kids are welcome to post dates aswell
  8. Fixed mode really nigga. I'm surpriced you can even find piles like that.
  9. lmfao you wish you worte that
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