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  1. You Stinker

    VARDY's intro

  2. You Stinker

    VARDY's intro

    he isn't in ly, he used to be though a while back
  3. You Stinker

    My intro

    Ex ja ja pre eoc, sko, purge ‘leader’ but ace krave just bsed me. For a edge recruit
  4. You Stinker

    My intro

    Got a few more but I’d rather not put on here? Midlife rs crisis sorta thing?
  5. You Stinker

    My intro

    Was waiting for comment like that, I want some decent action not logged out in random worlds.
  6. You Stinker

    My intro

    Who introduced you to fatality? N8 MARE Do you plan on joining Fatality? Yes What is your current RSN? You Stinker What is your runescape history - misfits - legacy What is your plans for your runescape account? join a big dick clan like Fi