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  1. Die N Perish

    20 defence or stay 5 defence?

    I personally would just get 20 def at that point. But that's just my 2 cents
  2. Die N Perish

    So I made a gain today

    Planning on it, busy work related shits this weekend. Monday will be the day
  3. Die N Perish

    So I made a gain today

    Actually 2 gainzzz I'm limited on the size i can post but yeaaa I'm good on the grind for a bit
  4. Die N Perish

    big ting

    Niiice I never attempted it on my main yet I'm jelly
  5. Die N Perish

    New zerker project

    I have a lil guy zerk as well. I'll work on it again after I max the pure out. But hell yeah quest point grind is the worst thing ever lol
  6. Die N Perish

    Big hps

    Looks healthy gratz!
  7. Die N Perish

    Any UFC fans here?

    Spivac killed it! We ended up killing my phone and then switched to my homies phone. Bar I usually go at didn't show shit except some live 70s music. But fuck yeah was a decent card. I enjoyed it De Castro is a legend in his own right in my opinion. A lot of people will detest me on that lol.bit daaamn Adesanya I fucking went crazy after he did his thing lol
  8. Die N Perish

    Any UFC fans here?

    Not only you, lol only a few fights on this card I was hype about and that's one of them
  9. Die N Perish

    Any UFC fans here?

    Who ya got on this? I think Adesanya will take it in the 3rd with the tko in my opinion. But either way I expect a good ass fight.
  10. Die N Perish


  11. Die N Perish


    Nice tree cut skill
  12. Die N Perish

    Big Thing

  13. Die N Perish

    Almost there, just a few more..

  14. Die N Perish

    99 Herb - the grind to 2k total

    I know who to hit up for that that herb now gratz!
  15. Die N Perish


    Gratz !