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  1. L67 22 psi

    New zerker project

    So far I'm lvl 80 combat with 60att 45def 82str 72hp, 108 quest points. Got roughly 5-6 more required quests to do for RFD. Need to find a partner for shield of arrav and hero's though.
  2. L67 22 psi

    New zerker project

    I would have already if I wasn't restricted to mobile only
  3. L67 22 psi

    New zerker project

    Yeah the zerk thing is new to me, but trying new things keeps me interested 😁
  4. L67 22 psi

    New zerker project

    I decided to make a zerker this weekend. The last time I tried to make one I had made the mistake of getting the def xp manually, but I'm doing this one right. Not bad for 3 days of work. Got 1.8m xp, 75 combat, 63QP, mm1/d slayer/fremmy trails/defender all done. 60att 45def 72str 64hp http://imgur.com/gallery/QclQ5bu
  5. L67 22 psi

    Maxed Kinda

    Gratz, I'm gonna go foe 99att aswell once I get there.
  6. L67 22 psi

    Stats over money

    Well done, standing on the same square that I trained on 😁
  7. L67 22 psi

    Big dick gains

    Pretty awesome, congratz!
  8. L67 22 psi

    20 def explained for 1 defs simple version

    Ewwwww.......def cooties....
  9. L67 22 psi

    Getting big stats

    Thank you 😁
  10. L67 22 psi

    Getting big stats

    I'm on mobile so it doesn't seem to be working that way
  11. L67 22 psi

    Getting big stats

    Getting pretty big now, just got 95 strength. Getting 99str, then gonna burst to 99mage next. Can't for the life of me figure out why, but inserting image isn't working
  12. L67 22 psi

    99 ranged@@@

    Haha it just occurred to me what you meant 😂 Only reason I don't app up is I'm on mobile only right now, so discord and ts isn't an option for me
  13. L67 22 psi

    99 ranged@@@

    What app?
  14. L67 22 psi

    99 ranged@@@

    I actually did chins at ape atoll, I just came here for the last few hits so I could get a screenshot.
  15. L67 22 psi

    99 ranged@@@

    Got 99 ranged tonight! Also hit 40m total xp. Account is 49 days old