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  1. vibz

    Sunday POV

    good pov for sure mane
  2. vibz

    Dutch Introduction

    whaddup homie welcome
  3. Who thought they could bring a med?? Ez for Fi
  4. vibz

    88 Risen Intro

    Ayy brother glad to see you on fourms! Hop on Ts/Discord and chill with the boys sometime !
  5. vibz

    Ez Day

    big man turny with the prayer
  6. vibz

    Queenabella Introductions

  7. vibz

    Stance on Third Party Clients

    just disable the op things, well survive can still use gpu plug in with RL
  8. vibz

    M26 INTO

    hey man welcome! chill in ts and cc!
  9. vibz


    welcome homie lookin forward to seein you around! stay active and in "Fatality" cc!
  10. vibz

    X jen

    whaddup mane
  11. vibz

    Clan Acc0unt (zero) introduction

    stay active! nice pkin with u the other night and nice seeing you around! looking forward to pking w you and massing with you mane
  12. yessir this is what we call EZ for Fi