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  1. Stonecoldpkr


  2. Stonecoldpkr

    Happy 2 Years.

  3. Stonecoldpkr

    Thursday - Clearing Rage & Randoms

    Good trip gentlemen, I have the clip of the two high lvls that were risking decent loot if anyone wants it ^.^
  4. Stonecoldpkr

    Stock up on Furys?

    Thanks for the information.
  5. Stonecoldpkr

    Cryptic intro

    Welcome back, hope to see you join.
  6. Stonecoldpkr


    Welcome back, you wouldn't happen to know "Ate a Parrot" would you? Saw that name around the 07 era.
  7. Stonecoldpkr

    Gyazo not working?

    On my application, some of the pictures are registering and some just show the URL. Anyone know how to fix this or why its happening?
  8. Stonecoldpkr


    Welcome, weights and gaming - Hell ya
  9. Stonecoldpkr

    Introduction App

  10. Stonecoldpkr

    aye we made it to maxed kind of

  11. Stonecoldpkr

    Stock up on Furys?

    With the crash of Fury Amulets, would anyone recommend stocking up on them? Is there reason to believe they will rise in price again sometime soon?
  12. Stonecoldpkr

    30v30 Champions

    Well done, cheers. 🍻