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  1. Grats on the emblem, lucky. Fun trip.
  2. hell yeah man! would have been a better picture but, we was still fighting rushers and I said F it and dipped before I got VIBZ'D xD
  3. BIG gains sick account grats brother, one more knocked off the list.
  4. I know my pic was already in the clan page but i figured I'd make my own topic as well on the Elder I got during the trip today! EAT EAT BOYS #FATALITY! great trip all around!
  5. thanks for the congraats brother! I'll pass on the def tho xD. give me a year of playtime and we'll re-open the poll =P
  6. you'll have it in no time now, mining and wc are the annoying ones and your almost there brother!
  7. dayyyummmmmm, congrats on the craws that's awesome!
  8. Yeah man! and the access to shortcuts is amazing as well
  9. These are Pictures I've been saving up. Just now joining the clan showing some of the ones I have. They wasn't back to back or anything, but still super lucky ?
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