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  1. Qrind

    SB tourney orb pov

    aye easy for FI
  2. Qrind

    Fatality steamrolls clusters

    Easy trip hider clans etc.
  3. repping FI smoking Kids in lms wbu?

  4. Qrind

    Fatality P2P Sunday

    Lmfao imagine being in prague rn instead of playing a shield and sword java based paint game cba...
  5. Qrind


    gj grinding dude gl with the next.
  6. guthics went from speccing his own clan at caves to pking 13m .. cba

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    2. Qrind
    3. V1ce


      tbf who doesn't spec their own team lol

    4. O W A R I 😷

      O W A R I 😷

      Just you and guthiccs @V1ce💩

  7. Qrind

    God Bless

    nice man
  8. Qrind

    f2p sat july 6

    aye nice pov
  9. Qrind

    Introduction :)

    welcome dude
  10. Qrind

    Jayturn's Intro

    Welcome Welcome
  11. Qrind

    Big F2p Action , post pics

    Ez trip
  12. Qrind

    Fatality's Week in the Caves

    Looks like Fatality caves
  13. Qrind

    done with thieving for awhile

    aye gz dude