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  1. Cloud Badass

    Big F2p Action , post pics

  2. Cloud Badass

    First nh commentary :)

    Good vid just remember when editing to untick "maintain aspect ratio" to get rid of black bars
  3. Cloud Badass

    Hello everyone

    Make that app!
  4. Cloud Badass

    99 range again

    Gratz bro, train that HP
  5. Cloud Badass


    Welcome to Fatality man, have a look around and join our Discord and yes we are a friendly bunch Watch out for Korea and DDoS though, those guys are cutthroat to the bone
  6. Cloud Badass

    Finally maxed again

    Hate you Korea
  7. Cloud Badass

    Jail's Intro

    Welcome to the clan! Looking forward to having you!
  8. Cloud Badass

    P2P 6/30/2019 Slapping the dog shit out of everyone

    Blue hats logged out lmfao
  9. Cloud Badass

    Saturday 2 - Big Looties Trip

    Was fun tyvm
  10. Cloud Badass

    Another level closer to my goal.

    2 to go bro! Gratz!
  11. Cloud Badass

    well then, lets get this party going

    Gl on the rebuild bro