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  1. Tims

    2k points to go

    The grind is real
  2. Tims

    VARDY's intro

    Welcome Hope you bring the WKD
  3. Tims

    My Introduction

  4. Tims

    40M xp

    Thats depressing
  5. Tims

    1k pc

  6. Tims

    what is this skill..

    Boarder Hopping
  7. Tims


    Casual 99 Wc Grtz fam
  8. Tims

    What else do I need?

    Different team capes DC must of been paying you poorly because your bank is trash
  9. Tims

    Friday - Smoking Legacy

    GG DC / H / R / LY Was fun
  10. Tims

    L67 22 Psi

    Welcome Welcome