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  1. Tims

    Base 70's completed

    Prayer next? XD
  2. Tims

    Base 70's completed

    Very nice
  3. Tims

    Hi guys I'm back ish

    Dayum son I was in Carnage and NorthStar also Legit first clans I was in when I played rs. Did you also stick with them when they made FF?
  4. Tims

    Fatality vs. FOE P2P CHAMPS BABY

    Just oozing in maplesyrup
  5. Tims

    Brief Sushi Intro

    Sup fam
  6. Tims

    #1 Shadow barrager is no more...

    Proud of you fam
  7. Twas fun Today was a good day
  8. Tims


    Hello sir
  9. I had lots of fun
  10. Tims

    No more NMZ

    Gotta go back and get that HP though Gratz man
  11. I must admit, I do love a good gwas
  12. Looked fun as shit, shame I missed