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  1. CR3W

    The homie Adam NOT pleased

    The last hpc fight i went to was a 25v25 sup vs rage and it was the worst experience of my life. No one ever died, and i just had two mains camping me. GL with the 20 def lmfao. Ill stay 90 cmb and only be able to hit half the clan im fine with that lmfao
  2. CR3W

    new video of you guys slayin

    looked fun gj friends
  3. CR3W

    another 60

    60 gang
  4. CR3W

    still slaying

    nice homie
  5. CR3W

    well getting started

    you are doing it brother
  6. CR3W

    [HCIM] baby groot :}

  7. CR3W

    halfway there

    nice bro
  8. CR3W

    we eatin tonight :c

  9. CR3W

    Dev's introduction

  10. CR3W

    Dev Blog: Changes to pvp.

    snares/entangles yikes lmfao