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  1. nacho

    twisted league 2kc

    next to whip and cradle its best in slot. Or something like tht
  2. nacho

    twisted league 2kc

    Did a Fire giant task, hoping to get a rune scim. Got 2 brimstone keys, and well.
  3. nacho

    getting big .....str and hp left

    with that prayer level you should be using devout boots + mitre > manacles + initiate helm.
  4. burrito bandito

  5. nacho

    woot x2

    I usually log nacho in, reset spot and sip div pot and go 100% afk, Slayer requires some what of my attention. If you have it's been a long time, I've not trained that account in a long time it's been sitting 97 str 98 range 97 mage since before i quit.
  6. nacho


    Default client if you're cool Exilent to never misclick/drag Runelite to check your crops.
  7. nacho

    Making progress..

    hey ur tht guy who tried recruiting me, gz on lvls.
  8. chicken_chicken_chicken_chicken_chicken_chicken_

  9. nacho

    40M xp

    get 99 mining lmao
  10. nacho

    All Birds Intro

    if my nigga @All Birds is making a come back im coming back too