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  1. Thank you gents and @Sonic Shark i will boo
  2. Addy gloves achieved boys, gonna get this shit for fi
  3. Big proud of you brother. We needa brid bro bro. Work on f keys together
  4. It was fun shit boys. Dont forget ya boy who got this trip started with @Sonic Shark i wish i didn't have to leave early but gotta feed my kids. Ill post pics later those are fi caves??
  5. Didnt get my pics together before work but that was good shit. Those are fi caves?
  6. Lets fucking do it boys
  7. @V1ce Thank you very much. It means alot. I shall continue to max. 90 range next. Thank you all
  8. And finally. No more blitz.? the grind never ends boys but one good step forward
  9. Congrats boys. Wish i didn't have to work and could be there but we're fi. We always get da dub
  10. L0l0l0l conway doin the most
  11. Amazing trip indeed boys. Cant wait for more. Wish i couldve stayed longer???❤ #FiMeanGreen
  12. Welcome fam. Hope to see before maxed?
  13. Welcome man, hope to see more of you
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