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  1. maxelcine

    96 range

    Just hit 96 range blowpiping at NMZ. I get around 110k xp per hour there with the lowest level range pray on :D
  2. maxelcine


  3. maxelcine


    wow, big gz! @ 68 mining
  4. maxelcine


  5. maxelcine

    What do you do for work?

    I install/repair solar panel systems, and attend college on a part-time basis.
  6. maxelcine

    90 Strength :)

    Gz! Just got 90 str on here not too long ago
  7. very nice, im going to have to head there
  8. What's up everyone! I'm a new applicant. figured i'd post the str level i just got!
  9. maxelcine

    Maxelcine Intro

    hey everyone!
  10. maxelcine

    Maxelcine Intro

    What's up all!
  11. maxelcine

    Maxelcine Intro

    how do I delete? need to use intro template 😕
  12. maxelcine

    Maxelcine Intro

    Hello all! 1. Who introduced you to Fatality? a pure @ clan wars, not sure of name. He recommended this clan. 2.Do you plan on joining fatality? Absolutely! 3. What is your current rs name? Maxelcine 4.What's your clanning history? I do not have much clan experience other then some no-name pure clans from back in the day. 5. What are your goals for your rs account? To max out this pure and have fun pking/ meeting people. 6.Anything else to add? I've been playing for a long time on and off. I love this game, pure nostalgia. I would love to to get and know everyone!