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  1. awaisahmed


    tryna get like u bro
  2. awaisahmed


    tryna get like u bro
  3. awaisahmed

    im tryna help yall niggas.

  4. awaisahmed

    Before and After Pictures

  5. awaisahmed

    Can You bench press 225

  6. awaisahmed

    im tryna help yall niggas.

    if u wanna lose weight stop eating bread stop eating so much 3 meals is good eat a shit ton of almonds water is major key protein / healthy carbs / fiber. (fibers can be fruits or veggies) i lost 80 pounds doin caloric deficit if i can do it, so can u let the weight loss journey continue
  7. awaisahmed


    how can i access my signature? im tryna put cool shit in there lol.
  8. awaisahmed

    hammer hitter

    BROOOOO your stats.... goals lol.
  9. awaisahmed


    lol dang. yall are real. why pakistani tho? i get no girls
  10. awaisahmed

    Yoooo! Ex leader checking in!

    Niggas iffy, uh, blicky got the stiffy, uh
  11. awaisahmed

    Post your Gym Music / Cardio Videos

    Drake Future Young Thug Gunna Lil Baby Lil Wayne
  12. awaisahmed

    favourite sports?

    this too tho!
  13. awaisahmed

    favourite sports?

    pictures speak a thousand words.
  14. awaisahmed

    military coup in Venezuela

    LMFAOOOOOO ... on another note, the world definitely needs more healing/love/unity/peace. forreal man, people dying in the name of corruption, division, religion. disagreements... its ridiculous. agree to disagree and move on smh got fucking damn.
  15. awaisahmed


    what kinda girls yall into tho? pakistani? white? hispanic? black? mixed? asian? indian? i choose pakistani lol.