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  1. Let's smack some people around today in F2P, ya?

  2. Chino

    another level

    home stretch
  3. Chino

    very gooty

    big grats homie
  4. Who wants to make some money? PM me a price on Discord Chino#5830 or just post it here. Needed - Digsite, Tourist Trap, Temple of Ikov & Troll Stronghold 53 Thiev 50 FM. Can do the thieving & firemaking on my own if you don't care to do it.
  5. Chino


    worth it to spend the extra GP and get 90-99 or should I stay at 75? This account build is solely for clanning (Cwa, trips, etc.)
  6. Chino

    1 Def or 20 Def? Let's debate.

    bring turmoil back MAKE RS GREAT AGAIN
  7. Chino

    1 Def or 20 Def? Let's debate.

    i already failed u fml
  8. Chino


    Already 98 combat - completely maxed 99atk 75 pray. So i'm debating it...
  9. Chino

    Malo intro

    whatsgoodie fam
  10. Chino

    Mini Promos

    cuzzo this from 2015 l0l
  11. Chino

    RAGE Prep 3-0

    bik boi jaya
  12. Chino

    Reverse Sweeping FOE

    ah yes big jaya
  13. Chino

    Now meet req's for preps :D

    good shit homie
  14. Chino

    Was fun

    i no like thief
  15. They finally let your boy out the hospital after 4 days. Feels good to be out. 

  16. Chino

    Back on the grind

    home stretch brudda
  17. Chino

    Juice County introoo

    welcome G
  18. Looking forward to drinking with the boys on tinychat & slapping our "rivals."