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    worth it to spend the extra GP and get 90-99 or should I stay at 75? This account build is solely for clanning (Cwa, trips, etc.)
  2. Who wants to make some money? PM me a price on Discord Chino#5830 or just post it here. Needed - Digsite, Tourist Trap, Temple of Ikov & Troll Stronghold 53 Thiev 50 FM. Can do the thieving & firemaking on my own if you don't care to do it.
  3. Let's see what y'all think.
  4. Chino

    Long Live Nip

    The Marathon Continues.....
  5. Chino

    Post Pics Of Your Cars!

    Let's see what y'all are working with. @Single Strip @Crumble chime in
  6. Discussion topic. How did you come up w/ the name you go by on Runescape? Everyone in my city calls me Chino cause i'm the only Asian that hangs around nothing but Spanish people & speaks Spanish as well.
  7. Chino

    What do you do for work?

    Let's get a discussion topic going boys. What's your career? What do you currently do?
  8. Chino

    Happy Father's Day!

    Wanna wish a special Happy Father's Day to all the dad's in Fi. Respect for being in your child's life - it means the world to them. Keep grinding & wish y'all many more Fathers day's to come.
  9. Chino

    How to record on a Mac?

    Anyone have any cracked versions of recording programs? Wanna start uploading POV's and stuff.
  10. Chino

    Agent_037 Pov Fatality vs Resistance

    9 fkn sets god bless
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  12. Chino

    Inners Fun

  13. Chino


  14. Chino

    Extraordinary Wildlife

    mother nature
  15. Chino


    bik boi!
  16. Chino

    82 prayer 90mil total exp

    craig da eggg
  17. Chino

    99's for the week

    fi harry putting in work
  18. Chino

    Airborne when he gets pinged to PK

    This shit is actually funny
  19. Chino

    Dev's new Account

    ayyyy max it out my boy
  20. Chino

    Best Melee wep for CLW

    "eVeRyOnE BrInG AGS!!!!!"