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  1. Chino

    4man 47.5m

  2. Chino

    Joining the big boy club

    big grats man.
  3. I saw "you're garbage/trash" about 30 times. God bless.
  4. Chino

    Magics Castle War Service

    is this still going on?
  5. Chino

    9 2

    im not looking forward to maxing out this 1def...
  6. Chino

    Hey boys and girls

    i approve
  7. Chino

    giant squizzle

  8. Chino

    What's up mates

    whatsup brudda
  9. Newfag tryna fit in? That's the code that you live by in life in general you pussy. Probably wouldn't know that though since all you have to offer in your pathetic life is being "known" on a computer game. Fuck outta here you reject.
  10. Chino

    Dashyyy's Questing Service

    I'll be hitting you up for my baby pure soon.
  11. Who was speaking to you? Know ya place G.