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  1. Hey Boys, I'm getting my new 8 week old male Yellow Lab Puppy tomorrow and I need some name suggestions because the best name I have so far is Butter.
  2. af161d1140239354e67552e05f632b0e.png

    dragon med helm is 1/5461 ..

    1. Jaya


      buy some lotto ticks my friend

  3. 22760ff58064a106847bfb13f9505966.png

    1. Turny Ownz

      Turny Ownz

      holy guacamole

    2. Roman


      im so confused to what this guy was doing based on his gear lmfao

  4. Guthiccs

    I'm back

    Hey boys, some of ya know I've been gone a couple months. I got posted across country so had to move everything been a lot of work been real busy. But on the bright side I'm all setup at my new place and should be back to trips and everything like usual
  5. hope the door hit er on the way out bruv
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