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    gaming hard

    v nice i just got a laptop >.<
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    Sand Crab Cave

    Seen people in cc moaning about no spots left at sand crabs , well this spot is fairly unused Requirements : The Quest : Depths Of despair http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/The_Depths_of_Despair Items that can help in faster XP / longer trips : - Regen Bracelet ( When worn, it doubles the natural recharge rate of hitpoints, healing 2HP per minute instead of the standard 1HP per minute. ) - Firecape , Berserker ring (i) , archer ring (i) and ava's if ranging Location of the cave (just south of WC Guild : Enter the cave: run south and use the 4 spot : kill crabs Simple guide for people who need to afk train
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    big pker boy: wildy hard diaries

    gzz big man
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    Evil's intro

    Welcome dude
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    grats congay
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    Rev pking trip

    We had a great random trip post pics
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    Rev pking Trip 7-2

    Long trip Post pics
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    Big F2p Action , post pics

    post ur pictures
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    F2P Action Packed trip

    Post pics
  10. also we cleared ly in our mass time
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    pking + Pvm

    big bank man
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    Epic gamer P2P Trip POST EM

    feeling cute cuz i attended this trip
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    How to auto screenshot with Runelite

    Just a quick tip for people who did not know this yet You can download the runelite client from : https://runelite.net/ First go to : settings in right top under the x to close it step 2: type in screenshot in the search bar  step 3: make sure its turned on by clicking on it step 4: check the boxes u want an auto screenshot taken my advise is Pvp kills and Valuable drops for trips this will make u have a lot more screenies during trips have Fun
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    Time Flies

  15. Maffiajef6

    FI's killer Sunday

    think you have same problem vidding as me , need to edit framesizes etc a bit maybe
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    Looking better

    big grinder
  17. Looked fun keep it going
  18. Looked like a solid trip
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    Kbdick's Intro

    Welcome bro
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    Nasara Intro

    Welcome and Goodluck on training
  21. hope this will bring enough motivation to spend ur time recruiting it will benefit yourself and the clan
  22. Make sure to post on the topic :



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    Working on 90+ skills

    big skiller ash