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    basicly this
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    Back on the grind

    keep it going homie
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    fi vs fs pkri

    looks very fun
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    Kii Lo Introduction

    Glad you did get it posted this time Welcome dude looking forward to the app
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    Shreagle's Introduction

    Welcome bro
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    Sand Crab Cave

    Seen people in cc moaning about no spots left at sand crabs , well this spot is fairly unused Requirements : The Quest : Depths Of despair http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/The_Depths_of_Despair Items that can help in faster XP / longer trips : - Regen Bracelet ( When worn, it doubles the natural recharge rate of hitpoints, healing 2HP per minute instead of the standard 1HP per minute. ) - Firecape , Berserker ring (i) , archer ring (i) and ava's if ranging Location of the cave (just south of WC Guild : Enter the cave: run south and use the 4 spot : kill crabs Simple guide for people who need to afk train
  7. Massed up 60 Pure elites, later peaking on 68, to slap LY back to single on another huge P2P Sunday. Unfortunately, even with a similar pull Legacy still refused to fight us for the majority of the trip, with Foe on speed dial for when we tried to hit them. For the first fight of the day, we got word of Ly being at Falador and quickly made our way there to find them in massive clumps in the square. After we cleared out Ly, it quickly became a cluster with Rage and the returning Ly fighting us 2 vs 1. With us on top of this battle Foe came to crash so we quickly dipped for a rebank. Thnx for the XP Legacy After attempting to get Ly to join us in multi instead of staying singles and hiding in Edgeville furnace, we finally got them to fight at FoG. While we were clearing Ly, Foe quickly came to try and sandwich us, failing to do so as we maneouvred ourselves into a better position before dipping out to let Foe wank themselves off alone. We scouted Ly being around CA so quickly regrouped and hopped on their asses. Of course they sat in massive clumps so we could get some massive XP drops once again. As was the trend for the whole trip, Foe appeared again so we dipped having massively reduced Legacy's in game numbers. Will they keep avoiding us? Will we see them next weekend or will they continue to hide from us? @Native @Schweden
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    90 str

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    Heidi Introduction

    waddup heidi
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    skiller kim
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    run and catch

    big hunter
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    First Zulrah drop

    v nice bro
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    waddup tomelis
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    nettos intro

    Welcome dude
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    Not amoosed intro

    Welcome dude
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    LY got fucked
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    training my bois together:)

    pretty cute
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    Sonic Shark Intro

    Welcome dude Keep grinding hope to see you
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    1/30th of the way (hopefully)

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    Mil Introduction