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    well 92 now

    he had to train his agility while being foe , running from rot and all PS: gratz big runner
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    another farming shitpost

    big farmer
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    Saturday - Dicking Legacy Down 15.

    ping ping , all the armour sounds ill bury them with it.
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    everyone will come back home to jeff
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    gzz noob
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    Last week's gains

    gzz noob
  7. big fisher skiller
  8. Maffiajef6

    A Hero's Return.

    well hello there old gaymer
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    Fatality Winter Awards 2018-2019

    Ty & Gratz all
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    Sand Crab Cave

    Seen people in cc moaning about no spots left at sand crabs , well this spot is fairly unused Requirements : The Quest : Depths Of despair http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/The_Depths_of_Despair Items that can help in faster XP / longer trips : - Regen Bracelet ( When worn, it doubles the natural recharge rate of hitpoints, healing 2HP per minute instead of the standard 1HP per minute. ) - Firecape , Berserker ring (i) , archer ring (i) and ava's if ranging Location of the cave (just south of WC Guild : Enter the cave: run south and use the 4 spot : kill crabs Simple guide for people who need to afk train
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    Hi Fam.

    welkom terug micropenis
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    welcome back BRIAN HAHAH FKING NERD

    gratzz noob
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    Hey brothers

    your sister already told me this welcome back kim
  14. Update youre RSN on ur profiles ;)

  15. Maffiajef6

    B killaz2

    welcome u sure need some guidance hope to see u apply and actually join up
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    slayer gains

    very nicely done im 190k from 90 ;0
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    3 outta 4 items

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    Hello Again!

    welcome Looking forward to the app
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    The strength grind