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  1. why was runescape so awesome

    thought it was a nice view lol
  2. Pet!

    Still a spammer i see Henry ull never change
  3. 1 more brothers

  4. progres

    Gzz bro why rock crabs though ? y not sand?
  5. Gratzzz ur cb stats are my #goals
  6. Maxed my Acc

    Sick gratz man
  7. Inners Practice

    does that happen after rendering / editing or when u record already?
  8. i actually got a lvl

    Have been Member just trying to get into it a bit , so i might start again when i get more time
  9. i actually got a lvl

    F2P Gains , only got few days so was like fuck it i afk this
  10. 99 Prayer :D

    sick nice job man
  11. IT'S FINALLY DONE! (99 Slayer)

    Very nicely done
  12. Maxed

    gratz mate nice job
  13. Fatality vs Doom| 2-0 F2P Prep

    happy that i got something out of the drop party since my newbie account had to sit GJ Boys
  14. Pk Video 30 - Max pures - D Claws - 50m+ risk

    that guy is risking dam loads , nice vid
  15. Trainer