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  1. Maffiajef6

    Decatylen intro

    Welcome bro
  2. Maffiajef6

    Slow night on duty.

    nice bro
  3. Maffiajef6

    Cannoneerin Introduction

    welcome to the forums , just met u in cc Should use the template btw
  4. Maffiajef6

    Rifleman's Intro

    Welcome , its ashame that we only accept 1-5 def feel free to hang around and make a new pure though
  5. Maffiajef6


    welcome to the forums buddy
  6. Maffiajef6

    gettin big

  7. Maffiajef6

    Master O Bat introduction

    Welcome buddy we have stoners like @Sly Waffle
  8. Maffiajef6

    I went to the elder chaos druids today

    bank was made looking forward to ur app too
  9. Maffiajef6

    1YR of Green

    new kid
  10. Maffiajef6

    Big Lifts

    gratz on gl on the hp
  11. Maffiajef6

    [NEW] Ghostly Robes ! Guide

    Gj @OS Rave
  12. Maffiajef6


    grind my little phi grind!
  13. Maffiajef6

    Walnuts intro

    Welcome to the forums
  14. Maffiajef6

    were so lovely

    @OS Rave and me so big
  15. Maffiajef6

    ok boys,finally

    U have 1 tanking lvl on me but yeah gj bro keep it going